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Course enrollment / become a member

Course enrollment

The course enrollment for the third course period (16.11.-9.12.) opens on Thursday 5.11. at 19 and closes on Friday 13.11. at 19!

Pre-registration is required for all our courses. The autumn season starts on Monday 21.9.2020 and it's divided in three periods. New periods are starting every 4 weeks (21.9., 19.10. and 16.11.). You can register for one period at a time. The registration form is opened again before the next period. Notice that there won't be a free trial week for this season.
TSS is balancing all courses. You might be put to queue if the course is unbalanced. You will be notified when you have been accepted to the course. Paired couples must enter the name of their pair to ensure access to the courses. Each dancer must enroll separately through this page.

Course fees

Students, unemployed and pensioners
15 € / Period (4 classes)

35 € / Period (4 classes)

Membership fee
15 €

The autumn season's membership fee is not included in the course fee, and it will be added to the bill (to be paid once during the autumn season). When you have paid for a period of 4 weeks, you can participate in as many courses as you want during that period. Notice that you have to pre-register for all the courses you wish to participate in! You will receive a confirmation email with payment information after you've been accepted to the course. Remember to check your spam folder!

By paying only the membership fee, you can participate in the free practices and you can enjoy our membership benefits.

Check our privacy policy here (in Finnish).

Membership benefits

As a member of TSS you'll get the membership benefits of SUSEL. You can find more info here: (in Finnish).
On top of that, you're entitled to a 5% discount from Tanssipuoti ( and a 10% discount from Tanssiva Enkeli ( Also, you'll get a discount price on our parties and when renting the dance studio.

Coronavirus safety measures

Due to the existing coronavirus situation, special precautions are required to make organizing dance courses possible. TSS has outlined the following safety measures:

  • Pre-registration is required for all our courses and there won't be a free trial week this season.
  • The autumn season is divided in three smaller periods in case dance courses have to be cancelled at some point.
  • We recommend participating in our courses with your own partner. However, you can also register without a partner.
  • Exceptionally in the lindy hop open level course, partners will not be rotated during the classes. If you register without a partner, a dancer of the opposite role will be assigned to you and you will dance with that person for the whole 4-week period.
  • In the west coast swing and Argentine tango courses, partners will be rotated in smaller rotation circles. You can always dance only with your own partner.
  • Participants need to be completely healthy when coming to the classes. If you are feeling even slightly unwell, don't come to the classes!
  • Participants are asked to follow good hand and coughing hygiene (hands are to be washed with soap or with disinfectant before and after the classes).
  • We recommend the (correct) use of face masks during the classes.
  • The disinfection of door handles etc. is increased.
  • Attention! We might have to limit the number of participants, if there is a lot of registrations.
  • The doors will open 15 minutes before the classes to avoid crowding at the entry.
  • If you get coronavirus, we hope that you will inform the teachers immediately, so we can notify anonymously others who have been exposed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Cancellation policy

There won't be a free trial week for this season. If you participate in the first class of the 4-week teaching period, you are liable to pay the entire course fee. If the course has to be discontinued due to the coronavirus, we cannot give any refunds.

Gift cards

The Turku Swing Society gift cards have arrived! Now you can surprise your friends or family members with a dancetastic present! Any amount can be added to the gift card and you can use it for TSS's dance courses within a year from the purchase. For more information, please be in contact with our member representative: jasenvastaava (at) !

Welcome to our dance community!

Did you know that you can find us on social media? Like Turku Swing Society's page on Facebook and be the first to get the latest news! You can now follow us on Instagram. We also have Facebook groups for our dancers of: west coast swing, lindy hop and argentine tango. There's also a second hand group, where you can buy and sell your used dance clothes etc.
Welcome to our community!


The course enrollment for the third course period (16.11.-9.12.) opens on Thursday 5.11. at 19 and closes on Friday 13.11. at 19! The course enrollment for the second course period has closed. If you missed the registration or you have any questions please contact us via email: jasenvastaava (at)