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Course enrollment

TSS is balancing all courses. You might be put to queue if the course is unbalanced (only single followers). You will be notified when you have been accepted to the course. Paired couples must enter the name of their pair to ensure access to the courses. Each dancer must enroll separately through this page.

You may attend to the first course even if you have not received a confirmation mail by that day. Later on, you are expected to arrive only if your selection to the course has been confirmed by a separate email which also has your payment information enclosed within.

Spring semester course fees

Each course lasts 14 weeks and by paying the semester fee you're entitled to participate in all TSS' courses except the West Coast Swing advanced courses (1&2). If you want to participate in the West Coast Swing advanced course, you must pay the semester fee and a surcharge (10/20€).

Adults, basic semester fee 90€
Additional fee for the West Coast Swing advanced courses 20 € (per course)

Students and unemployed, basic semester fee 45 €
Additional fee for the West Coast Swing advanced courses 10 € (per course)

Turku Swing Society's membership fee 10 € (Included in the basic semester fee). You can participate in the free practices (including tango practica) by paying the membership fee.

Membership benefits

As a member of TSS you'll get the membership benefits of SUSEL. You can find more info here: (in Finnish).
On top of that, you're entitled to a 5% discount from Tanssipuoti ( and a 10% discount from Tanssiva Enkeli ( Also, you'll get a discount price on our parties and when renting our TSS dance studio.

Enroll here

Select 'Yes' if you've paid the membership fee of the Turku University Student Union for Autumn 2017.
By selecting 'Yes' you'll receive up-to-date information about our courses and events.
As a leaderAs a followerI won't take part
Argentine tango, beginners
Argentine tango, intermediate
Lindy Hop, beginners
Lindy Hop, intermediate/advanced 1
Lindy Hop, advanced 2
West Coast Swing, beginners
West Coast Swing, intermediate
West Coast Swing, advanced 1
West Coast Swing, advanced 2
If you register in multiple courses with a pair, please fill in the name of each pair per course. For example: Argentine tango / Daisy Dancer. West coast swing advanced 1 / Peter Pairfield.
LEAVE EMPTY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAIR! If you do have a pair, enter here: Course name / First name, Last name of your pair.