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WCS Weekend with Camille & Julian 25.-27.5.

The registration will be opened on the 8th of April at 2 pm at the end of this page!

Uuuu laaa!! This Spring the cozy and nice Turku westie event is getting bigger! This time we want to treat our beginners, advanced dancers and everyone in between even better and cut the workshops in three levels! Let the newcomers have their own, novice dancers their own and intermediate / advanced dancers with WSDC points have their own classes.

Workshops in 3 levels, 2 nights of parties and social dancing on Sunday, competition on Saturday night, amazing shows, relaxed atmosphere and spending time together! Before the event there’s a beginners intensive course and after the event there’s the second meeting of west coast swing teachers in Finland.

We’re more than excited to welcome international teachers Camille Fumanal from France and Julian Lange from Germany to Turku and to Finland for the first time! Camille has incredibly feminine and delicate dance style and she currently competes in All Star level. Julian has danced a lot of contemporary dance before finding west coast swing and now he uses those skills in west coast swing and teaches some of that magic to us too!

Camille Fumanal and Julian Lange

Besides that we have 4 more teachers from Finland! Our own lovely Hanna Ojanaho and Ville Immonen from Turku, both competing in the All Star division, not to mention the teaching skills! For the first time in Turku we’ll also have Outi Salonen and Tero Rahko teaching together. They have taught in Helsinki for years and are partly responsible for the success of west coast swing in Helsinki!

Hanna Ojanaho and Ville Immonen

Outi Salonen and Tero Rahko

ROUGH SCHEDULE (can be changed):
17 – 20 Beginners intensive (separate event)
20 – 20.30 Registration
20.30 – 21.30 All level workshop
21.30 -> Party, pro shows

11 – 11.30 Level check
11.30 – 17.10 Workshops + lunch break
Dinner break
20 – 21 All level workshop
21 -> Party, comps, pro shows

11.30 – 13.40 Workshops
14 – 16 Social dancing (at TSS dance studio)
14 – 18 WCS teachers’ meeting (at Funky Studios)

Before 22nd of April 2 pm:
35€ / students and unemployed
70€ / adults

After 22nd of April 2 pm:
40€ / students and unemployed
80€ / adults

The registration will be opened on the 8th of April at 2 pm at the end of this page!

All participants have to register to the event because we want to ensure a good balance between leaders and followers in the workshops. After you have registered, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as we can ensure you a spot in the event. There will be details for the payment in the same e-mail. Parties are included in the workshops’ payment but if you’re not coming to the workshops, then the parties are payed with cash on the spot.

Notice that the registration for the event is binding. There will be no refunds without a doctor’s certificate.

You can do the basic patterns (whip, left side pass, under arm turn, sugar push, sugar tuck, tuck turn) and maybe even some simple variations. You want to improve your basics and technique and make the dance feel better with your partner. You want to learn more simple styling, variations and some easy, fun moves.

Besides basics you know some variations so well that you do them in social dancing. You have danced for one or two years, maybe even longer but not so regularly. You seek for more musicality and a bit more challenging patterns and variations to take your dance to the next level. You are motivated to practice also technical and partnering things to become a better dancer. If you have at least 1 WSDC novice point, you are automatically in this level.

You have danced for more than two years and you’re seeking for more demanding technique and variations to use in your musicality. You want to challenge yourself. You have no problem dancing to really slow or fast music. You’re playing with footwork variations, the music, and even start to create your own moves and your own style. You have travelled abroad to dance events. If you are competing in intermediate or advanced level or have at least 15 WSDC novice points, you are automatically in this level.

There is going to be a level check on Saturday morning. There you can be moved into another group by the teachers if they think the other group would be better for you. The levels always change according to the people attending to the event and the subjects of the workshops.

All the workshops and parties will be held in the same building at Saippua Center, Artturinkatu 2, main entrance (E) in Turku.
- Turku Swing Society – dance studio on the 2nd floor is in our use for the whole weekend. Some of the workshops will be held there and it’s in our use even during the parties. There’s a fridge, a microwave, coffee and tea, cups and cutlery for your use. There are also dressing rooms available all the time.
- Funky – dance studio on the 3rd floor: some of the workshops during the weekend and the parties on Friday and Saturday nights will be here. There are also dressing rooms and a microwave available.

Thus we’d like to welcome everyone to the awesome, relaxed event in Turku! Remember to register beforehand and join the party!!! :D

The registration is closed, but you can still some to the parties on Friday and Saturday!

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