Workshop enrolment


Lindy Hop

All Lindy Hop workshops are focused on the openness of Lindy and playing with the small parts of the dance. The workshops work as a continuum, so you can take all classes if you’d like.


10:00-11:15 Lindy Workshop 1: Improvisation and musicality. Creating a bridge from solo dance to partner dance while maintaining musicality and openness.

11:30-12:45 Lindy Workshop 2 (beginner/intermediate): Repetition, directions, rhythms. What parts are figures made of and how can they be used in partner dance

13:00-14:15 Lindy Workshop 3 (intermediate/advanced): Open lindy and partner connection. Finding out if it’s possible to dance with a partner “without figures”, only using a clear connection.


Argentiinalainen tango

The tango workshops focus on the connection in the couple, which is the basis of movement and a central element in the dance. The classes will be taught in English, but instructions will be available in Finnish if necessary.


10:00-11:15 Tango Workshop 1 Connection, technique and subtleties. Improving the connection in the couple by enhancing the subtleties in the movement. The class includes solo as well as couples technical exercises and concrete applications for the social dance.

11:30-12:45 Tango Workshop 2 Boleos in close embrace. Understanding the dynamics of the boleos. The class includes solo as well as couples technical exercises and concrete applications for the social dance.

13:00-14:15 Tango Workshop 3 (all levels): Musicality. Identifying the main elements in the music and discovering tools to interpret them in your dance.



1 hour: 10/15 € (reduced price for students)

2 hours: 15/25 € (reduced price for students)

3 hours: 20/35 € (reduced price for students)



Riikka Antikainen ja Mikko Multanen


Riikka has been Lindy Hopping happily since 2006. She quickly took up also Authentic Jazz, Balboa, coaching and other swing-related craziness, which Riikka has been doing as far as the United States.


Mikko started Lindy in 2005, and the next year he took up Balboa and Authentic Jazz, all of which he has danced around the world. Mikko started coaching in 2007.


During the last two years, Riikka and Mikko have coached Lindy Hop and Balboa in Helsinki. In their classes, they emphasise rhythm, partner work and using the body naturally.


Nadia Tapia ja Daniel Valenzuela


Nadia and Daniel have been teaching tango together in Finland since 2014. They recently became more widely known in the tango community as the teachers of the beginners’ course at Tango Summer Camp in August 2015. Nadia and Daniel themselves learned tango from the many top teachers in Buenos Aires.


Their teaching style characterizes for giving main importance to connection in the couple and musicality. They always encourage students to participate with questions and commentaries about what is being taught.


Their main focus is in social dance, so their lessons are specially directed to teach you the main tools to enjoy dancing in a milonga (tango party).



You can register without a pair, but only 5 participants without a pair will be accepted.