Argentine Tango Weekend March 5th-6th 2016 - registration




During the weekend of 5th to 6th of March 2016 in Turku there is a rare chance to work with an Argentinian tango maestro, Carlos Rodriguez. No matter your level or skills, this weekend is for you!

Recommendations: WS 1 is especially recommended for beginners to form a good basis for leading and following. All lessons WS 1-3 will greatly benefit intermediate dancers and improvers. WS 4 is intended for more experienced dancers, but you can also include this lesson to a whole-weekend package of WS 1-4.

We will aim for a leader-follower balance but you can nevertheless enroll also without a partner. The teaching language is English (Finnish guidance offered if needed).




SATURDAY 05.03.2016

15:00-16:25 WS 1 – The art of the embrace and lead

Tango (basics/open level).Creating connection between partners. How to be a good leader and how to receive the lead as a follower.

16:35-18:00 WS 2 – Complexity in changing directions

Tango (intermediate/improver). How to control your embrace. Control of intensity and speed when changing directions.


SUNDAY 06.03.2016

15:00-16:25 WS 3 – Taking your vals to the dance floor

Salon Vals (basic-intermediate/open level).How to start Tango Vals on the dance floor. Rhythm and tempo on the couple (cadenzia). Different chains and variations in Vals.

16:35-18:00 WS 4 – Tango combinations in vals

 Tango/Vals (advanced/WS 1-3). Tango basic and complex structures (turns) and combinations comfortable to use also in Vals.



Carlos Rodriguez (Argentina) was born in one of the well-known tango suburbs, Boedo, in Buenos Aires, into a family of strong tango traditions. He started his dancing career at the age of 13 as a performer in tango shows at the Rancheria theatre. After years of dancing the milonguero style, Carlos adopted the authentic Tango Salon style of old maestros, learning with such renowned teachers as Jorge Dospari and Carmen Romero. With 22 years of active tango dancing career Carlos is an expressive and passionate dancer and teacher, using his vivid imagination and innovative modern methods in making his lessons beneficial and enjoyable to students of all levels.



Place: Aninkainen school, gym hall G, entrance from Ukkokodinpolku

Prices: 35€/25€ (normal/student) per day (Sat or Sun) or, 20€/15€ individual workshop


Register using the webform below.Each participant fills up the registration form separately and mentions the name of his/her dance pair on the form. You can also register without a partner. The last day of registration is Tuesday March 1st2016!

After registration with a pair you will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions within a few days. If you enroll without a pair you will receive a confirmation e-mail when your participation is confirmed, or at latest on Wednesday March 2nd 2016.

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