Welcome party 10.2.

Now that the courses have started, it's time to gather up and dance! The Welcome party is just the event to plunge into the world of dance parties! Our DJ's will be playing lindy hop, west coast swing and tango music from 7 PM onwards until late. So take your friends with you and come to dance or just to get to know people in a relaxed atmosphere!
The Welcome party will be at TSS's own dance studio at Saippua Center: Artturinkatu 2 E, 2nd floor.
The entrance fee is only 1€ for TSS members and 3€ for others. Attention! If you already have your member card, take it with you! If not, you might get it on the spot. Small snacks and soda will be offered at the party.
Welcome all! :)
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Lindy-wcs free practice!

Good news lindy hoppers and westies! Now you can practice your freshly learned skills in our lindy-wcs free practices at TSS dance studio (Saippua Center). Lindy hop and west coast swing music will be played according to the participants. You can also play your own music. The free practice is for TSS members only and it's included in the membership/course fee! (If you want to become a member, you can do it here.) The next free practices are on Friday 23.2.,16.3. and 6.4. at 19:30-21:30. Welcome! :)

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