WCS musicality workshop

Annika & Vesku musicality workshop enrolment

In the first WCS event of the year, the topic will be musicality when our awesome guest teachers Annika Välimaa and Vesku Ruottinen arrive from the faraway city of Tampere. These two have a lot of creativity and courage to dance so that the music goes straight under the skin!

An example of all this greatness:

16.30 – 18.00 intermediate
18.15 – 19.45 advanced
20 – 02 party!

The intermediate level is meant for danced with at least half a year of WCS experience.
The advanced level is for dancers with at least a year of WCS dancing experience.

7€ student / 10€ others per one workshop class
10€ student / 15€ others full day
Only party 3€ / person.
For dancers attending the workshop, the party is inclusive to the price.

Saippua Center, Artturinkatu 2, E-rappu, 2.krs, Dancing Wolves Social Club.
There are dressing rooms, showers and a fridge in the venue. We offer coffee, tea and small snacks on behalf of the society.

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