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SwingÅbo II (29.11.–1.12.2019)

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A Turku-ish WCS event, on the other side of the river. This is SwingÅbo II.

SwingÅbo will be held for the second time. The theme is Turku and being a member of the Turku community. The goal is to provide a fun and memorable weekend with west coast swing, having fun ja enjoying the good company.

This time our guest teachers come from Norway. Veronika Langmo and Tom-Elbin Bendheim together with our Finnish teachers Annika Välimaa and Teemu Lujala will provide workshops in two levels. The focus is on improvisation and having fun with west coast swing.

The event starts with two intensive classes on Friday evening. Last year in SwingÅbo we had an introduction to zouk, so we decided to make a tradition to introduce westies into another dance discipline. This year we have blues, that will be taught by Ulla Ritamäki! The other two hour intensive is aimed for total beginners in west coast swing and the teachers are Annika Välimaa and Teemu Lujala.

An essential part of the SwingÅbo experience is the Open stream. The Open is the biggest WCS event of the year and we have a chance to see it through the internet. Again, this year we'll have Finns taking part in the Open, and we get to see and cheer them together.
The Saturday’s crown is the fun competition, which provides a challenge in improvisation and fully letting go! It will be far less serious than a WSDC competition. During the parties, our head DJ Heli Korhonen from Helsinki together with the DJ team will make sure everyone's having a good time!


Check out the detailed schedule on Facebook.

18.00-20.00 Blues: Intensive for beginners
20.00-22.00 WCS: Intensive for beginners
20.00-20.30 Blues mini party!
20.30-03.00 WCS party!

11.20-12.00 Group division
12.00-18.00 Workshops
18.15-21.00 The Open stream party + Dinner
21.00-04.00 Party!

10.50-15.20 Workshops
15.20-02.00 The Open stream + Afterparty


Blues: Intensive for beginners
This intensive course is for beginners and it's suitable for all. The duration is 2 hours (Nov. 29th, 18-20). The Friday west coast swing party is included in the workshop price. The teaching will be in Finnish (English is also possible if needed).
Blues dance was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States of America. The dance is based on unchoreographed dancing to slow swing or slow blues music. Blues has a lot of variety and it includes dancing in closed position, open position and solo parts with a partner.
Ulla Ritamäki will introduce us to blues dance.
Ulla started dancing with Finnish social dances and in the year 1998 she got into swing dances. Her favorite swing dances are Lindy Hop, Blues, Collegiate Shag, Authentic jazz, Step, Charleston and Balboa. And she has taught all of them. She has also competed, performed and made choreographies. Ulla has spent 14 summers at Herränning. She also has background from contact improvisation, ballet and Latin dances, but in the recent years she has spent most of her time in international dance events of blues, collegiate shag, balboa and Argentine tango. The most important thing in dance for Ulla is the musicality and the spiritual and physical connection. The best dance in her mind is to surrender in an intuitive and rhythmically humoristic music, to listen oneself and the dance partner, without forgetting to improve while combining all of these elements in a perfect harmony. Her motto is: Dance like nobody is watching.

West coast swing: Intensive for beginners
This year SwingÅbo offers a chance to start dancing west coast swing. On Friday we will have 2 hour intensive for beginners (Nov. 29th, 20-22). The teaching will be in Finnish (English is also possible if needed). We will start from the basics, so no previous dance background is needed. And after the class you have a chance to take part in the west coast swing party, which is included in the price. The teachers of the intensive are Annika Välimaa and Teemu Lujala.


There are two levels in the main event (not in the beginner intensives). The participants are divided in the two groups at the beginning of the event (on Saturday morning). If you have at least 10 novice points, you are entitled to be in the level 2. Everyone else is asked to participate in the group division, based on which the two groups are formed. In case, by no means, you want to be in the level 2, you can skip the group division. However, we don't recommend it.


Veronika Langmo and Tom-Elbin Bendheim

The WCS community in Turku has a tradition of giving a chance for future super stars to teach in Turku. SwingÅbo II makes no exception, because Veronika and Tom-Elbin are guaranteed to be future stars!

Veronika started dancing west coast swing at the age of 16, and completely fell in love with the dance style from the very first moment. Though she had never danced before, her passion for dancing grew fast, and she started teaching already in 2014.
Tom-Elbin started dancing at one of Veronika’s classes in 2015. He had already tried out some other dance styles, like bachata and lindy hop, but once he tried west coast swing, he really got hooked.

One year later (in 2016) the couple won Novice JnJ together, which became the start of their partnership together. Since then they both moved to Oslo, where they continue to spread their love for the dance community and the dance itself.
They teach regular classes both at Bårdar Dance Academy and at OSI Dans and are often to be seen at different WCS Events.

Annika Välimaa and Teemu Lujala

Annika is the second follower in Finland to achieve an All-Star status. She is currently studying in OAMK to become a dance teacher. Her main subject is ballet, which she has practiced since she was 4 years old! She has also tried jazz and modern dance, but west coast swing was her first couple dance experience. After briefly being confused by the experience, the love for WCS was born. According to Annika, the best things in WCS are the music, the variety of movements and the free dialogue between the couple. Annika’s strengths in WCS are musicality and creativity. As a teacher she is supportive, innovative and excites easily, when her students have moments of success and enlightenment.

Teemu Lujala is a skillful and well liked teacher in the Tampere WCS scene. He started dancing west coast swing in spring 2014. Teemu’s WCS journey didn’t start easily. Because he had no dancing background before, everything new seemed so hard to learn. But the greatest motivator for going on was the community that embraced him and took this introverted engineer as part of their group, constantly cheering him and ensuring a brighter future. As a dancer, Teemu is analytic, to whom less is more. And even though he has done some competitive sports, he has not set any competitive goals in dancing. He has goals of a greater magnitude. He wants to develop his dance under his own terms, because after all, when dancing, all you need to do, is to be yourself.


The event will be held at Saippua Center, in Turku. We'll have three separate dance studios at our disposal: Turku Swing Society's own dance studio (Notice that the entrance to the studio has changed!), Funky and Brian Ramos dance studios. In the TSS dance studio, there's a toilet/shower, a microwave and a fridge at your disposal. In the Funky dance studio, there are also separate dressing rooms for men and women.

The address is Saippua Center, 2nd floor, Artturinkatu 2 B, 20200 Turku.


Event pass
(Includes all parties (Fri-Sun), and workshops (7h) on Saturday and Sunday):
Regular price 75€
Discount price 55€
Advanced/All-Star! 15€

Blues: Intensive for beginners with Ulla Ritamäki
(Includes Blues couple dance intensive (2h) and Friday party):
Regular price 13€
Discount price 7€
For event pass holders 5€
NOTICE! Limited space for this intensive: 25 followers and 25 leaders.

WCS: Intensive for beginners
(Includes WCS intensive (2h) and Friday party):
Regular price 13€
Discount price 7€

Party pass (all parties and the Open Stream parties) 15€
Friday party 6€
Saturday party 7€
Sunday party 5€

Discount prices are for students, pensioners and unemployed.


All confirmed registrations are binding. The organizer will compensate 50% of the ticket price in event of a medical condition. In this case a copy of a medical certificate must be delivered within 10 days of the cancellation.

If you are registering in a discount group, you are obligated to provide a sufficient evidence (student card, pensioners card, proof of unemployment). If a sufficient evidence isn't provided, the participant will pay a full ticket price.

Ticket can be sold forward, but the ticket is sold with a fixed role (follower, leader). If a discount ticket is sold forward to a person who isn't eligible for the discount, the remaining part of the ticket price must be paid to the organizer before the event.
All free tickets are personal. Free tickets can’t be sold, given forward or compensated in any way.

For all delayed payments a 5% delay fee will be added.

The organizer doesn’t insure any participant for the event. The organizer doesn’t compensate any injuries or medical conditions.
The organizer will hold the right for changes.

Additional info & questions: Teemu Kankaanpää wcs(at)turkuswingsociety.com


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