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Swing Swang Swung 2019

Hi everyone!

Now that we have had a moment to rest after SwingÅbo, it is our pleasure to announce that Turku Swing Society will hold its next west coast swing event at the end of January 25th-27th 2019. Camille Fumanal-Ulysse and Julian Lange will return to Turku. Our second pair of teachers is Nanna Myllymäki and Tuomas Sillanpää. There will be quality teaching in a familiar, relaxed atmosphere in Turku. On Friday and Saturday nights we can focus on social dancing and having a great time together.

Registering to the event will start on Sunday December 16th 2018 at 16:00.


Weekend passes
Weekend pass 60€ 70€
Weekend pass, discount groups 45€ 50€
Single day passes
Friday (2h + party) 30€ 35€
Saturday (3h + party) 40€ 45€
Sunday (3h) 30€ 35€
Party tickets (sold at the door, cash only)
Party ticket, Friday 5€
Party ticket, Saturday 5€

Subject to change.

Early bird and regular prices
Early bird prices are valid from December 16th 16:00 until January 7th 00:01. Regular priced passes will be available until January 24th.

Weekend pass
With a weekend pass you can attend all the workshops and parties during the whole weekend.
Weekend passes are available in two categories: normal and discount groups.
Discount groups include: students, pensioners, unemployed, advanced / all-star dancers
When buying a discount group ticket, you must provide a student card/pensioner card/proof of unemployment to the event. The event organizer will check the advanced / all-star status.

Single day pass
With a single day pass you can attend the workshops and the party on the day you purchased the ticket for.

Party tickets
Party tickets are sold at the door. Payment in cash only.

The registration is binding. So there won’t be refunds without a doctor’s certificate.


Group A is meant for dancers who have danced west coast swing for at least half a year. You must be familiar with the basics (left side and under arm passes, whip and free spin are not unfamiliar terms to you, to mention a few…). In group A workshops you will learn new variations and techniques.

Group B is meant for dancers who have gained experience in dance events and competitions. You can deliver variations and have started to apply musicality into your dance. And most of all, you feel ready to improve and learn about the demanding aspects of west coast swing.

Primary division between the groups will be done according to WSDC points: in order to qualify directly into group B, you must have at least 1 novice point from WSDC registered events.
If you don’t fulfill the primary criteria, you have an option to advance into the group B through a level check. If you want to enter the level check, you must state it in the registration form. The level check will be held on Saturday morning. The specific time will be published later.

NOTICE! If you are registering only for Sunday with a single day pass, you want to attend the group B workshops and you do not fulfill the primary criteria for group B, your group will be decided by the event organizer, case by case.

Saippua Center, Artturinkatu 2E, 20200 Turku

The event on Facebook

For more information, please contact the event organizer:
Teemu Kankaanpää
+358 50 540 9262
teemu.e.kankaanpaa (at) hotmail.com