May We Swing (16.-18.10.2020)

ATTENTION! May We Swing has been postponed to 16.10-18.10.2020.

** The registration opens on Sunday 2.2.2020 at 12.00 (noon)! **

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Spring is almost here and summer is coming! May We Swing brings you to the joyful atmosphere of Turku. In May it’s perfect time to come to Turku and dance west coast swing.

Short info
Workshops in 2 groups, 2 nights of parties, amazing shows and a warm atmosphere!

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Camille Fumanal-ulysse & Julian Lange

These amazing dancers have taught in Turku twice, so they have a strong relationship with Turku, Finns and even ice swimming!
Julian is 194 cm tall. Camille is 150 cm. He comes from contemporary dancing, she’s from rock’n’roll and salsa, spiced up with some hip hop and jazz. He’s charismatic. She’s elegant.

Together they teach and dance with the same passion. They are a great example of the diversity you can find in west coast swing. Inspired by their different universes, they will help you to find your own way in west coast swing, with a twist of technique and a lot of fun.

Said about Camille and Julian: “They are wonderful! ❤ ❤ Classes made me love this dance even more!”

Jennina Färm & Ola Länsman

Jennina is a dance teacher, a choreographer and a dancer. You can usually see her competing in the advanced division, but she also loves to social dance untill sunrise. Jennina is known for her analytical and passionate touch in dancing.

Ola has long been dancing in our dance parties in Turku, but finally he’s here to teach! Ola competes in the intermediate division and teaches west coast swing in Helsinki. Ola is known for being a fun person who has amazing social dancing skills.

Together Jennina and Ola have taught west coast swing and have also participated in The Open Rising Star division with their routine. When teaching together their different personalities complete each other.


Social Dance Group – You know the basics and maybe some variations so well that you do them in social dancing. You have danced from half a year to two years, maybe even longer but not so regularly. Your main goal is to be better on the social dance floor.

Competition Group – You have danced more than two years and you’re seeking for more demanding technique and variations to use in your musicality. You have no problem dancing to really slow or fast music. You just enjoy challenging songs. You have travelled to other cities’ dance events or even abroad. You have competed in WSDC events.

There is going to be an audition on Saturday morning for the competition group. If you wish to participate in the competition group, but don’t have one or more novice WSDC points, you can come to the audition (only if you participate in the event for the whole weekend).
Note! If you get new points after you have registered, tell about it to the event director.


The detailed schedule will be updated here closer to the event!

18-20 Workshops
21-01 Party

11-16 Workshops
20-> Party

11-15 Workshops
Picnic in Ruissalo (if the weather allows)


The main venue is Tanssikoulu Play, Läntinen pitkäkatu 21. The main parts of the workshops and also the parties will be held there. There’s a fridge, a microwave, coffee and tea, cups and cutlery for your use. There’s also a dressing room and toilets. Unfortunately, there are no showers.

Another workshop venue is Tanssistudio All Star, which is at the railway station, Ratapihankatu 37.


(untill 29th of February) (from 1st of March)
Full passes
Full pass 80 € 95 €
Full pass (students, unemployed, pensioners, intermediate dancers) 60 €
Full pass (advanced, all star dancers) 12 €
Day passes
Friday pass (workshops + party) 20 €
Saturday pass (workshops + party) 50 €
Sunday pass (workshops) 40 €
Party pass (Friday and Satruday parties) 12 €
Party ticket (Friday / Saturday party) Sold at the door. Cash only. 8 €


All confirmed registrations are binding. The organizer will compensate 50% of the ticket price in event of a medical condition. In this case a copy of a medical certificate must be delivered within 10 days of the cancellation.

If you are registering in a discount group, you are obligated to provide a sufficient evidence (student card, pensioners card, proof of unemployment). If a sufficient evidence isn't provided, the participant will pay a full ticket price.

Ticket can be sold forward, but the ticket is sold with a fixed role (follower, leader). If a discount ticket is sold forward to a person who isn't eligible for the discount, the remaining part of the ticket price must be paid to the organizer before the event.
All free tickets are personal. Free tickets can’t be sold, given forward or compensated in any way.

For all delayed payments a 5% delay fee will be added.

The organizer doesn’t insure any participant for the event. The organizer doesn’t compensate any injuries or medical conditions.
The organizer will hold the right for changes.


We’d like to welcome everyone to the awesome, relaxed event in Turku! Remember to register beforehand and join the party! :D

Additional info & questions: Event director, Terhi Mahlamäki: terhi.mahlamaki(at)


The registration opens on Sunday 2.2.2020 at 12.00 (noon)!

If you don't have a WSDC number, leave empty.
There are two groups in the event. The first group is for dancers who want to improve their social dancing skills and the second group is for dancers who want to improve their competition skills. You can participate in the competition group, if you have at least 1 novice point. If you don’t have any WSDC points, you can come to the audition held on Saturday morning (only if you participate in the event for the whole weekend). There will be max. 26 people in the competition group.
If you don't have a registration partner, leave empty. Attention! Your registration partner needs to register too! If you are a single follower and you find a registration partner afterwards, you don't have to fill in the form again. It's sufficient that your leader writes your name in the form as (s)he registers.
By registering for this event I agree that my information will be handled and temporarily saved to make the event organization possible. All personal data will be deleted after the event. Check our privacy policy here (in Finnish).